story of losers crash

​Everybody’s have one idol’s person in this world. like, his father or, mother or, someone special person’s. now, I’m writing his story. I knew him by thought-bewildered but physically, I don’t know him. hoo, I’m come back on the idol boy story. 

The boy had got best lifestyle on his childhood. He was lived urban society after, he was living rural areas. But, he had got some city life facilities because of, his father was disciplined person. That’s why, he likes his father. The boy was not an brilliant students on his childhood. He’s averaged students. He’s loved reading stories book more than, school books. That’s cause, his father every day’s hit him sometimes also hit his mother. 

When the boy were grow up he think the time are changed his father. Unfortunately, not. His father didn’t changed. When the boy complete school level. He are want far from his father. He was continued his students life to his own per time teaching tuition , without his father support. Some time, he saved some money for his family and he expenses all saving money for his father and family members. 

When the boy come back otn his father home. His father always harassment by mentally and so many, different ways. The boy didn’t mind of his father act. The boy was always positive of his family.  The boy were thinking some how his father understand him and son’s hope’s. He think his father are love his son’s. His father are hatred him every activity. The boy didn’t wrong anywhere. 

All Along, his father hatred him. The boy are now 29th years old. The boy are still waiting for his father love like friendly.

when are the boy needs some support for upcoming activities his father refused him. 

But, the boy was wrong also the boy think he is an jinx…….!!!!! 

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