Street girl

Ovi vividly remembered seeing young women carrying babies at their hips, limping between lanes and knocking on car windows.

Why are they here? Seventeen yearly old Ovi had asked his driver after a girl peered at him through his window. She had been holding a baby boy.

They’re just prostitutes, looking for more money.

“What are prostitutes?”

“People who sell their body for money. These girls are probably the same, and are now begging on the streets.”

Ovi’s eyebrows furrowed.” Do they have other jobs?”

“ why would they need other jobs? They make more money in one night than the rest of us do in a month!” “ why don’t you become a prostitute then?” Ovi asked quite innocently.

The driver glared at Ovi through the rear view mirror, and the latter knew that the conversation was over.

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