How to get 8998 messaging services in Cyprus

Three weeks of lockdown have been going on all over Cyprus for the past two days. No one can leave the house without urgent need at this moment. He’ll have to pay a fine of 150 euros when he goes out.

You must first get permission from the Deputy Minister through mobile SMS to get out of the emergency work. As SMS will do-

You need to type in the message option —

X space ID or passport number space postal code.
Write and send it to 8998.

Instead of X, you must write a number from the following service, which you want to take.

For example,

1. To go to the pharmacy, blood donation centre or doctor, type 1 instead of X.

2. If you go to a store to buy the necessary products/services, you must type 2 instead of x.

3. If you go to the bank, type 3 instead of x.

4. If you go to a government job, you need to replace x 4.

You’ll have to wait until the message is sent. Check messages from the ministry and send you an OK and reply if you need to go out if you need to. You can go out there. When a police check you, you need to show the reply message. But you must also go outside with your ID card or passport that you will mention in the message.

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