The philosophy of love

People change from two places, they have the power to move forward:
One. From chest blood and tears.
Two. From body sweat.
And the blood of his chest and the tears of his eyes, the combination of these two does not allow him to sleep, it keeps hitting his mind and brain all the time, forcing the body to sweat — as long as there is life, — there is no power in the world to hold him. .
The emotion thing is great, if it is used to keep yourself well. There’s really no point in wasting it on someone who doesn’t value your emotions. I don’t believe anything can be done by force. No matter what happens, there is no greater art than knowing how to delete the wrong person from the brain. Can’t delete? No problem, just keep yourself calm, concentrate on other things. Stay silent even if you are clenching your teeth, the rest will happen automatically. Don’t make a hasty decision in any way, let time go by, there is no greater magician than time in handling the situation. Remember, the more you hurt someone, the more you will hurt yourself. It’s not emotion, it’s mental illness.
Does it really make sense to live recklessly for someone wrong? What’s in it? Hurt him? If you can hurt him, I’d say you don’t really love him, you just want to win Igor’s game. Hurt yourself? There is more stupidity than this, tell me? Are you hurting yourself for the man that you don’t have time to look for?
Love someone This is a good thing. This love of yours will keep you well if you do two things. One, she must love you too, move away from this expectation. Love is not a two-way street, it is almost a one-way street. Two, stay away from the strange thought that he will be by your side all his life. Humans are like free birds, it is not possible to shackle human legs.
The man of love is a very insignificant being compared to love. Love can hold you, not the man you love. If you want to hold on to both by force, infinite pain is always allotted to you. Survival is a joy. It’s more fun to live with love — whether the person you love is by your side or not. Find out, who lives by keeping people by his side or who has to live by keeping people by his side, people can’t love him even if they try all their lives. Being able to be by your side and being loved — are two completely different things.
You know what happens to us? We forget to live to love the wrong person, to look at those who love us! If you expect love in exchange for love, I will say, you do not know how to love. Being crushed by the pressure of your expectations will one day give birth to disgust in that man. Once disgust goes away in someone’s mind, and whatever it is, love doesn’t last, at least it goes away. If you want to keep the love for you alive in your loved one, never let his mind grow disgusted with you.
The man you love doesn’t want to be with you after hundreds of attempts? Don’t give up! What is the need to sell your self-esteem so much? Is something forced? Forcibly, people can not realize the love of a pet dog, and people are much later!
It may be that he loves you, but he can’t stand your high expectations and recklessness. Meanwhile, you can’t get yourself out of these two again. It’s OK! Find someone else. Our mind is not a slave that has to be kept in a house for the rest of his life.
It is very good if it can be like a river. Move forward, enjoy the beautiful, give if you want to indulge in love, but don’t forget to get stuck somewhere. You will definitely get in trouble if you get stuck. As the age of the mind increases, so does the expectation. In the case of love, no one else in this world has the power to hurt you unless you hurt yourself. Love, are you in trouble again? You are responsible for this. Your expectations, your authority and your ego are not letting you be good.
If you love, you have to know how to give up.
If he comes back, he’s yours.
If he doesn’t come back, someone else is yours.
Finding someone and loving someone — is never the same thing.
That’s it!

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