what’s different between development country.

We developed countries are always full of praise for them. But, they don’t have an evaluation on a daily basis
Those pictures are part of the cleanliness of the park. What they do every year is the practice of throwing them in a certain place. So, we, ours,
I and we all imagine we have institutional organizations if they do certain things at certain times. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. And
So, we could not see my country much more beautiful! Because, in order to take care of everything here, they have to try hard enough to plant a tree, they have to water it regularly every morning and afternoon where these are in his picture but in a natural way in my country.
Because then why can’t we bless our cause and the country! Or, why their position is so far away from whether he has developed our industrial sector from our world according to our population in a planned way. So why can’t we see our country with them in that way.

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