love to wife

A wife’s demand increases when she is in a distance with her husband. Then he found the jewelry, the sarees, the expensive things.

  • “The woman is like clay and love is water,
    You can mix the two together and shape them as you want.
  • “Your wife will never ask you for a target money, if you take your wife and you eat a 30 rupee snout on the street.
  • “Your wife will never tell you, buy me a car, if you occasionally take your wife and walk around this city in a rickshaw.
  • “After the whole family work, your wife won’t say I’m sorry if you love your wife, kiss her on the forehead, put your hand up and say you’ve done so much all day.
  • “Love doesn’t just hide in the precious things,
  • “Love sometimes hides in the roses worth 15 tk and the 30 tk glass of the street,
  • “If you share a little and care, it’s not a war zone, it’s paradise.

So give your wife the best love.

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