Countryside girls

I want to speaking how simplicity of village’s girls mind.

On the other hand ,

our city girls mind are so diplomatic.
Village girls are didn’t know how to impress others unknown person.

They’re speaking direct what they are want.

They’re don’t know indirectly on her opinion expressed in front other people’s.

When they was gotten gifts or money they are so happy for that into her face.They’re demanded are so little.

I look up innocent thought of our bangli village girls.

Now I believe like this people’s are staying in our community.

I want pray for her simplicity thought.

NOTE- This my mythology thought. Don’t take personal.


Your height is usually determined by your father.


emotional strength and

body shape is determined by

the mother…

a bit of

Dear person,
I hope your day has been going well,

if not, I hope it gets better You are an
amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work.
I know you may feel unimportant or
insecure at the moment but know that
you are a beautiful human being inside
and out and you are important !
Just trying to be nice on the internet,
sometimes we just need such a message !
I hope this comment helped you a bit and
if not, I‘m sorry

Be with truth











 ভালো .

Mustard flowers

Winter beauty

Full of mustard flowers on field.

Every single flowers are amazing

The flowers smelled are touch in heart.

Sunset on ..

That’s so beautiful..!!

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