Deserve Person

If someone sticks

by your side through your worst times,

they’re the ones

who deserve to be with

you through your best times…


People who have an easier time

waking up early

in the morning

are subconsciously

more excited about life in


Heartbeats of life

when are you no exist in nearest people’s.

that’s for,when you had got time.

you didn’t wanted meet with them.

you’ll meet with them because of, rules of this realty.

wisely thinking,

you’ll never leave in this world in your wish.

Allah knows everything.

May be this though makes our living hopes.


One year ago,

I was

an active

employed of concern.
After one year,

I’m a unemployed.



It’s called life…!

その名前は必要な時間に隣接しています Sono namae wa hitsuyōna jikan ni rinsetsu shite imasu এরই নাম সময়ের প্রয়োজনে পাশে থাকা


Hitobito wa ushiro no hitobito o wasure hajimeru. Totsuzen, kare ni wa kanjō ga atta. Shikashi, sono otoko wa itsuka kare no tonari ni ita koto o wasurete shimatta. Aruhitotsuzen sugata o keshita.

মানুষ উপরে উঠতে শুরু করলে পিছনের মানুষ গুলাকে ভুলে যায়।
তখন হঠাৎ ই তার মাঝে একটা ভাব জন্মে যায়।
কিন্তু ভুলে যায় সেই মানুষটিই তার একদিন পাশে ছিল।
একদিন হঠাৎ গায়েব হয়ে যায়।

Thirsty of education

education is very Thirsty element.

when you had achieved any level then, you’ll realize,

” I could nothing to achieve.

the ways of education in front so far of achieve.

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